Guide to Organizing Your Planner

Planner Planner Organization

Organizing your planner is essential as we prepare to enter into Back to School season and the Fall. We want to share a few tips to remove the overwhelming feelings of organizing your planner.

Pick your Planner Priorities

Select priorities to include in your planner. Are things like the weather, home tasks, work tasks, meals, and fitness priorities for you? Use your weekly planner spread to designate space for your preferences. Create headings according to what matters the most for you. Organize details under your planner priorities. 

Use Colors

One way to help information to stand out and almost jump off the pages of your planner is using colors. Use highlighters and different color writing utensils to fill out your week in your planner. Using different colors can help you differentiate between the days of the week. Colors can also be used to indicate priorities in your planner. Using colors can help bring your planner pages to life and help you get and stay organized. Try erasable ink pens!

Look Ahead

With multiple schedules to manage from work to home and everything in between, looking ahead is so important. Look ahead in your planner using important dates. Map out dates that are significant to you to help you get organized. When you can map out the skeleton of upcoming months using important dates, it allows you to organize your planner. Print off your kid's school calendar, your work calendar of important dates, or any other important dates, and carve out time to write those dates in your planner ahead of time. 

Try Paper Clips

 I know you have beautiful monthly tabs in your planner to organize and separate each of the twelve months of the year. However, do you have a plan to organize and quickly navigate between the weekly planner page spreads? Try using paper clips to help you quickly separate the weeks in your planner. This helps to organize your planner and creates nice touch points to access certain weeks in your planner quickly. 

Organizing and staying on top of important dates is much easier with a planner! Shop our customized planners today. 


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